Residential Work

Hinds Metal Designs creates a spectacular variety of custom made artwork, furniture, and home décor for both interior and exterior use. Some of our creations include distinctive wine racks, end tables, planters, railings, fire pits, garden sculptures, and baker’s racks. We can bring your imagination to life. Show us a picture of something you like, or draw us a sketch of what you envision, and we’ll get to work making your idea a reality.

Wine Racks

  • 100_06452 Bottle Wine Rack

  • 100_0648Single Bottle Wine Rack
  • 100_06463 Bottle Wine Rack

  • 100_0685Wine Table
  • 100_0685Wine Table
  • 100_0685
  • 100_0685
  • 100_0685Wine Tree
  • 100_0685
  • 100_0685
  • 100_0685Under Table Rack

A wine rack can be common, duplicated thousands of times in the back rooms of big box stores across the country, or it can be a beautiful part of your home’s interior design. Each of our wine racks is hand made and one of a kind.


  • TV Stand
  • 100_0648TV and Fireplace
  • 100_0646This and That Stand
  • 100_0685Stainless Steel Table Stand
  • 100_0685Record Stand
  • 100_0685Night Stand
  • 100_0685Glass Shelf and Stand
  • 100_0685Kitchen Exhaust Fan
  • 100_0685 End Table
  • 100_0685 Curio For Your Collectible
  • 100_0685Clock
  • 100_0685

Our wrought iron or stainless steel furniture and railings coordinate well with many design schemes. We specialize in made-to-order items and can craft any type of furniture you wish to be both functional and beautiful in your home or exterior space.


  • Napkin Centerpiece
  • 100_0648Ribbons of Metal
  • 100_0646Stainless Steel Picture Frame
  • 100_0685swirled metal centerpiece
  • 100_0685Taller Art Piece

Our metal artwork has been inspired by customer requests for the unusual. We enjoy designing pieces tailored to our customers’ individual tastes, adding a special touch of personality to their home décor.

Art can be created for either the interior or exterior of a home, from modestly sized tabletop sculptures to towering garden ornaments. Just let us know what you have in mind.